About Us


Bartolomeu, Sebastian, Francisco

We are a family and Organic Farmers. We produce quality vegetables, healthy and fresh, 100% ORGANIC, in an artisanal and meticulous way since 2009.

The Hortas da Cortesia are in São João das Lampas, in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

We work on about 3 hectares of good land, certified in organic production, where we produce a wide range of seasonal vegetables, as well as fruit, such as rock pears, brown pears, table grapes, pike apples, lemons, various apple trees, figs, wild berries, among others.

We started in 2009 delivering baskets at home and making organic markets, our customers are almost exclusively families, and faithful, the vast majority enjoy our products from the beginning.

You can count on us for:

Practice organic, non-industrial, artisanal and family farming, with no ambitions for large growth.

Announcing the number of baskets we can produce and deliver weekly and this will be our limit, it's almost there.

We essentially work with small producers, exchanging products, increasing the variety of our offer and creating a network of local organic producers.

Informing you of whose products are not produced here on the farm, we always indicate the name of the producer and the place of origin, so that you know exactly who produced what you are going to consume.

Establishing a relationship of trust with you, we know that this is the most important certification.



Spending as little resources as possible with our activity, namely with plastics, fabrics, elastics, packaging.

We reuse all the bags and packaging that our customers are kind enough to give us, when visiting their homes.

With good practices, for example, bunches of chard, coriander, parsley, in short, all of them, are tied with linheiro, a plant that we have and has long been used for this purpose here in the area.

Not resorting to the immense range of products authorized in organic farming, soil correctors, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and the like. We bet on composting and rotations, as well as growing crops in the most appropriate places, based on knowledge of the land.

Collecting our seeds and producing our own plants, we know that the best way to conserve a seed is to sow it.


AB1637UP Certification

AB1637UP Certification